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Guest Presenters

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Most every APAC meeting agenda includes a presentation from amongst the WSU Community.  The presenters and topics are chosen with the aim of helping inform fellow Administrative Professional Employees.

Monthly Meeting Speaker

Choosing Happy Seminar by Erin Carroll
Handout     Presentaton ppt

IT Update by Tony Opheim.

November 14, 2013, Interim Provost Bernardo. **/mms://windowsmedia.wsu.edu/MMR/FacultySenate/111413APACMtg.wmv /     **

October, 2013 Keith Moo-Young, Tri-Cities Chancellor

September 12 - LEAN Management by Brett Cooper, Integris Performance Advisors

View presentation: 

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May 9, 2013, At Home in the World by Stretching WSU's International Footprint by Dr. Prema Arasu

April 11, 2013 WSU Spokane Heath Science Update by Dean Gary Pollack

March 14, 2013 -Legislative Update by Colleen Kerr
Office of Commericalization by Dr. Anson Fatland

February 14, 2013 - Global On Line Campus by Dr. David Cillay

January, 2013 - Athletic Update by Bill Moos

December, 2012 - WSU Accrediation

November, 2012 - WSU Long Range Housing Plan by Terry Boston

October, 2012 - Panel Discussion on the Division Offices (known as the POD system) by Dean Daryll DeWald, Dr. Andrew Duff and  Ann Marie Gooch
September, 2012
Economic Development at WSU (PPT) by Dr. Anson Fatland



Additional PowerPoints from our local guest speakers from  9/13/12:    WSU Press PPT

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June 2012
Recruitment, Outreach & Access for WSU by V.P. John Fraire

May 2012
Master Campus Plan by Bobbie Ryder

April 2012
LinkedIn by Barb Chamberlin

March 2012
Parent's Media Literacy & Family Nutrition ppt
by Dr. Erica Austin

February 2012
Biofuel Research -Dr Birgette Ahring
 http://experience.wsu.edu/Calendar/Calendar.aspx (click on 2/9/12)
Dr. Ahring's Power Point
is coming soon!

January 2012
Bill Moos.

December 2011
Provost Bayly & Joan King
Governor's Proposed Supplemental Budget 2012-13


November 2011
Legislative Update by Colleen Kerr

October 2011
IT Update, IT Report,

by  Viji Murali
SIS Update, by Julia Pomerenk

Special Seminar Updates

January 25, 2012, 10:00-11:00am 

"Workplace Conflict Management & Negotiations" by Kristine Kuhn, Ph.D.

Locations: BLS 402, Spokane (SAC 515, Vancouver (VCLS116), Tri-City (TWST210), Puyallup (), other AMS availability upon request

Contact: Gayle Anderson anderson53@wsu.edu


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Upcoming Guest Presenters

 2014-2015 Academic year

9/11/14: Choosing Happy by Erin Carroll - Handout  Presentation - Choosing Happy

10/9/14: Institutional Reasearch by Fran Hermanson

11/13/14: TBA

12/11/14: Interpersonal Relations in aGroup Decision Making Process by Dr. Craig Parks

1/8/15: President Floyd

2/12/15: TBA

3/12/15: EAP by Dr. Case

4/9/15: Establishing Mentors by Alex Tan

5/14/15: College of Medical Science by Ken Roberts, WSU Spokane


Seminars & materials :

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