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Awards and Grants

Administrative Professional Contribution Award


2020 AP Contribution Award Winners


Araseli Solorio (Pullman)

Araseli was nominated by her supervisor who says her ability to bring about innovation and infuse others with her easy-going yet determined personality has allowed Araseli to become a doer and a highly consequential professional staff on campus in her short time with the office.  From the onset, Araseli transformed her role and brought about new ways to provide student services. Araseli has consistently demonstrated how capable she is of taking on increasing responsibilities and willingly stepped into a leadership role to ensure the office moved forward while Ray, her supervisor was out of the office and country due to a family emergency.  Then with the disruptions that COVID-19 brought, Areseli recognizing the need to supplement student’s learning and the missed opportunities as a result of the virus, found new opportunities for students to engage in.  She played a crucial role in the planning and executive of high-impact presenting delivered through Zoom.  Outside of her role as project coordinator, she was asked to serve as the campus advisor for the National Honors Society of Leadership and Success and was selected as the Academic Advisor for Kappa Delta Chi Sorority and serves as a mentor to young Latinx women. Letter


Sophia Hutton (Pullman)

Sophia’s efforts have become increasingly critical to ensuing the School of the Environment functions as smoothly as possible given SoE extends across 5 campuses and 2 colleges. Sophia combines very well-honed technical capabilities, amazing people skills, a magnetic personality and an incredible work ethic to form a dynamic package that has played a big part in forming the identity and forging esprit d’corps among the staff and faculty of SOE. This spring semester is a prime example of the enormous load she carries. In addition to her usual duties (which take up all of a normal person’s time), Sophia ran two (successful!) faculty searches, coordinated an accreditation site visit (in Forestry), coordinated and trained new additions to the SoE support staff, coordinated transition to on-line instruction in response to the coronavirus. Sophia has been a constant in an ever-changing atmosphere. Sophia also helped me understand many aspects of our former units such that I could help facilitate changes in culture that would help us become a fully integrated unit. Meanwhile, Sophia always brings sunshine to each of us, with her smile and laugh – even by distance. This community that Sophia builds, nurtures, and mentors extends to faculty and students as well. She has nudged faculty out of their offices and labs and into social interactions. This type of mentorship is critical to moving faculty away from “well, we’ve always done it this way” tendencies that continue old encampments to “how do we build a cohesive unit and work together toward a new common goal”.  Letters:  #1    #2      #3    #4     #5    #6    #7   #8    #9


Erin Carroll (Pullman)

Erin has been serving as Interim Director of Marketing and Communications for the Division of Student Affairs for about the past year since her predecessor left. In her interim leadership role, she has radically transformed both the unit she oversees and the impact her team has on the division and the student experience.   Erin’s exceptional ability to think through a problem, ask incisive questions, and implement solutions has been truly amazing to watch. She has gone above and beyond any job description. Getting to work alongside her has reinforced my belief that she can and will elevate those around her, manage more than even she thought possible, and keep her team motivated through challenging times.  Letters:  #1   #2



Megan Harre (Pullman)

Ms. Harre has continuously gone above and beyond in her work, developing a variety of programs that are focused on directly supporting our students, she has proven to be one of the most productive members of our team, not only managing her regular duties but also rising to the occasion to cover work from multiple vacancies in our department. She has nearly doubled her advising load, because of staff vacancies, has managed a variety of administrative tasks, all while maintaining composure and a professional demeanor. Her ability to manage multiple competing priorities seamlessly has not gone unnoticed, and she has been sought out by several departments to assist by chairing searches for at least 3 positions in the last year.   Megan can solve challenges quickly, putting students’ needs first, while acknowledging the challenges that exist in for the community, and being innovative in her approach, not always relying on old solutions to new problems.  Letter 


Michael Caulfield (Vancouver)

Mike was instrumental in developing and leading summer workshops for faculty members who wished to teach hybrid courses long before the term COVID-19 became part of our daily vocabulary. He also developed and led workshops to enable faculty members to teach via distance learning rather than cancel classes during inclement weather. Because of this groundwork, some of WSU Vancouver’s faculty were already well-prepared for distance learning and pieces were in place to bring others up to speed quickly.

Mike has continued to emphasize “care at the core,” and to put equity and inclusion at the center of his work. Our campus and our system are incredibly fortunate to have him with us in the current situation. He is someone who has risen to the challenge of the times for the greater good of students

He continues to help faculty understand how making improvements to asynchronous course delivery benefits the broadest range of students by taking into account accessibility, privacy and technology access issues. His leadership has focused on helping WSU Vancouver courses meet established learning objectives in effective ways for students and instructors. Letters:  #1    #2    #3


Holly Longman (Everett)

Holly has always been someone that anyone can turn to for assistance, to brainstorm ideas with, or to work through problems. Holly builds positive working relationships with everyone that she encounters. She closely works with the Academic Coordinators on our campus to recruit, admit and confirm an excellent class of students. She is someone that they turn to with questions or out of the ordinary student circumstances knowing that she will have the answer or a creative solution. In her past work experience, Holly advised for Women in Engineering at The Ohio State University. Even though that has nothing to do with her current position Holly jumped on the opportunity to advise our local Society of Women Engineers (SWE) chapter. She has created a positive relationship with the leaders in this organization and has helped them become more productive and increase their reach to students at WSU Everett as well as community members  Lette

Honorable Mentions


Cesar Munguia Letter 

Waylon Safranski Letter

Leslie Thompson Letter

Angie Klimko Letter 

Cathy Lenz Letter

Katie Forsythe Letter

Jessica Perone Letter 

Josie Cohen-Rodriguez Letter

Joy Scourey Letter

Sarah Larson Letter 

Tami Vik  Letter

Susan Lundquist Letter 

Amanda Yager Letter

Sisouvanh Keopanapay Letter

Tim Wood Letter 

Nolan Yaws-Gonzalez  Letter 

Jessica Gerdes Letter

Veronica Puente  Letter 

Phil Boal Letter 



Past AP Contribution Award winners (2011-19) 

WSU Employee Presidential Scholarship


For all eligible employees taking online courses. Read about the spring 2019 awardees and the next application cycle.

Staff Scholarship  Fund

APAC sponsors a staff scholarship fund, which provides financial assistance to WSU staff or their immediate family.

To contribute, visit the WSU Foundation.

Professional Development Mini Grant

About the AP Mini Grant Fund (APMGF)

Professional development is highly valued by Washington State University and is supported by the President’s and Provosts’ offices. The APMGF is a supplemental fund and is intended to provide matching funds in conjunction with the AP’s unit/department. The committee will disburse a maximum of $3,000 per fiscal year with a maximum award amount of $250 per recipient.

Eligible applicants to receive a maximum of one award every two fiscal years.


Applicants must be permanent resident aliens or U.S. citizens and benefits-eligible (0.5 FTE or more) Administrative Professionals employed by Washington State University for at least six months prior to the start date of the planned activity. Applicants must have their planned activity pre-approved by their supervisor and provide documentation as requested to the APMGF Committee.


Spring applications for 2019 have closed. Fall applications are open:  online application form.
Questions? Contact Gayle Anderson at the APAC office at


Application for a pre-approved activity must be received by the deadlines specified during the Fall and Spring grant cycles.
Fall: October 31
Spring: April 30


Recipients will be chosen by an independent panel comprised of WSU Foundation members. All applicants will be notified of the panel’s final decision via email.

2019 Awardees

Spring 2019: Lindsay Lightner, Alicia Petersen, Susan Schroeder, Adam Williams, Joyce Harbison, Sue Gilchrist