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AP Spotlight Feb 2018 – Dan Records

February 2018 Spotlight — Dan Records

Ensuring a Fair Work Environment and Improving Community


Dan Records, a WSU alumnus (Class of 2007), originally hails from Montesano, WA.   Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree in Political Science at WSU, Dan earned his Juris Doctor degree at the University of Idaho (Class of 2010).  Today, Dan serves as WSU’s Affirmative Action Coordinator and a Senior Investigator with OEO.

Within OEO, Dan works to ensure WSU policies are consistent with state and Federal laws.  These policies bring awareness to potential issues and also provide guidelines for accommodating the conflicting needs of diverse groups of people.  For example, Dan is currently working on policies regarding service animals in student residence halls.  In housing situations, service-animal accommodations for disabled students can conflict with health needs of other students with severe allergies.   Complex issues like these require careful handling, but Dan finds it satisfying when the end-product policies have a measurable, positive impact.  The goal is always to meet requirements and help WSU make a better workplace.

In addition to his contributions to WSU, Dan is highly engaged in the Pullman community.  He was recently elected to the Pullman City Council, and enjoys educating WSU students about the impact city council can have on them and encouraging them to get involved in local politics.  As a city council member, Dan is also passionate about the need for more affordable housing in Pullman.  For more information on Office of Equal Opportunity or Pullman City Council, check out the links.