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2021 Administrative Professional Contribution Award Winners

You may view the 2021 Contribution Award Zoom meeting recording here.

Jason Abrams (Pullman)

Jason was nominated for his far reaching efforts to support with innovative problem solving and team work. Whether maintaining positive working relationships throughout the Division of Student Affairs or co-facilitating Diversity Equity and Inclusion workshops, Jason’s nominator emphasized the value that he brings to the University through his positive disposition and efficiency in handling massive administrative projects with ease. “Jason builds rapport with others and maintains positive working relationships because of his disposition and his ability to execute. He works hard and cares about others, which has helped him to cultivate positive working relationships with those across the system.” A colleague commented, “Jason is one of the most productive and efficient people with whom I have ever worked.” Jason has shown exemplary dedication to the support of mental health and happiness throughout the WSU system with special care especially towards marginalized communities. Linked Nomination Letters

Micah Bockstruck-Martinez (Pullman)

Micah was recommended for the Administrative Professional Contribution Award by a colleague who describes him as, “an incredible champion for the work in Student Affairs and Fraternity & Sorority Life. I appreciate his strength, hard work, and commitment to this profession.” Throughout the virtual year managing COVID-19,  Micah developed a variety of new support based programs, coordinated focus groups, and was an integral part of the successful Multicultural Greek Recruitment Week. “His ability to manage multiple competing priorities seamlessly has not gone unnoticed, and he has been sought out by several departments to assist on a variety of committees.” Micah has been described as being an exemplary in leading, developing, and engaging with others. Nomination Letter

Photo of Award Recipient: Maureen BonnefinMaureen Bonnefin (Pullman)

The level of trust Maureen’s work colleagues expressed for her in her work is 100% and emerged from knowing just how good she is at her work. “I cannot tell you how many times in our team meetings we asked Ms. Bonnefin to provide a summary of where we were on all the supporting documents. We knew her answer would be up to date and accurate. We also appreciated the Saturday meeting when we were close to the deadline.” Among Maureen’s five letters of support, the consistent theme from each of her nominations is that she goes above and beyond her expected job performance and makes a unique and unparalleled impact on WSU. Maureen’s supervisor praised her for her full-service approach to proposal writing which has resulted in the receipt of over $27M in research grants since 2016. “Every faculty member that she has assisted has nothing but praise for her competence, professionalism, commitment, and resourcefulness.” Other team members commented on Ms. Bonnefin’s  unparalleled knowledge and mentorship, “She is often ought after to present on research topics for both the research administrative community quarterly meetings and the Research Administrative Series. This series presents to new grant administrators on a variety of topics about both pre- and post-award compliance. Her extensive knowledge in both topics means she can present, even as a last-minute substitute, on any subject the class has to offer. She has also extended her reach by being a presenter at regional and national grant conferences and meetings. Her presentation on working on large multi-disciplinary grant proposals is always well attended.” Linked Nomination Letters

Photo of Contribution Award Winner: Katie ForsytheKatie Forsythe (Pullman)

Katie is an employee that has made unit goals a reality. In addition to serving as Director for the Transformational Change Initiative since 2017, Katie is an integral part of the successful Learn. Inspire. Foster. Transform. (LIFT) Faculty Development Program which introduces faculty to brief instructional interventions known to support student success and resilience. “As important as Katie’s contributions have been [to the LIFT program], I believe what she has done in those domains is exceeded by the work she has done with LAUNCH. The LAUNCH program facilitates students’ appreciation for, and engagement in, co-curricular learning opportunities… It is because of Katie’s creative problem-solving and “can do” attitude that we were able to successfully pivot the entire program for AY 20-21 without compromising its integrity or the values that inform it. Katie has been described as a positive, supportive, and thoughtful presence; the glue that keeps the team together and never fails to celebrate unit milestones and accomplishments. Linked Nomination Letters

Photo of Contribution Award Winne: Josefina GalvanJosefina Galvan (Pullman)

Josefina Galvan inspires greatness in those around her. As a Student Services Coordinator / Advisor, Ninety-seven percent (97%) of Josefina’s students have provided consistent “Outstanding” support ratings. Josefina is passionate about her work has stood out as exceptional to both her staff and students. Josefina’s supervisor observed that Josefina has, “a remarkable ability to support students holistically (providing academic, financial, and career guidance and referrals) while enhancing students’ non-cognitive and social/emotional development. She has outstanding documented success rates in serving students. This is demonstrated in exceptionally high persistence (92%) academic standing (93%), and graduation rates (75%) of students assigned to her.” The impact that Josefina’s performance has had on the academic, financial, and emotional wellness of students without a lifeline during a global pandemic directly contributes to the continued success of our Washington State Students. Linked Nomination Letters

Contribution Award Winner Lisa HunterLisa Hunter (Pullman)

“Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit has shown her resilience and creativity, she has accomplished a great deal sharing duties across campuses with the School of Hospitality Business Management in both Pullman and Everett.” Lisa serving in two interim roles in addition to her primary role as a Senior Academic Coordinator is just one example of the many ways she goes above and beyond her expected job responsibilities. Lisa’s nominators provided examples of her strong problem solving skills and ability to speak up to resolve challenges for the greater good. She has worked to create a dual-enrollment plan for Community College Students, has developed and tested a conditional certification plan for students, and serves as an expert advisor for International students and Veterans. Lisa’s nominators share that she not only works to maintain current programs and processes, but she actively adapts to find opportunities to build and improve them. Linked Nomination Letters

Contribution Award Winner: Allyson KincaidAllyson Kincaid (Pullman)

Aly’s nominators praise her for exemplifying what it means to be a Coug! “The uncertainty and learning curve associated with new business systems can be challenging. Aly has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and is helping build a positive culture as she helps others learn and adapt [to Workday and modernization systems]. She has become a trusted, knowledgeable voice that other units look to for problem solving and guidance.” Allyson is recognized for her energetic, imaginative, resourceful, competent and genuine approach towards her work. She has been described as, “a silent leader who motivates her team by her own willingness to go the extra mile to make sure the end goal is reached.” In addition to performing her job duties at an extraordinary high level within the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Aly demonstrates an admirable commitment to serving all of Washington State University through insight of streamlined support to business operations and office practices. Linked Nomination Letters

Contribution Award Winner: Linda LoosLinda Loos (Spokane)

Linda is a master of efficient workflows, guides, and checklists that help to organize her team. She performs in exemplary fashion while managing a challenging workload that requires a high attention to detail and accuracy under tight timelines. Linda’s colleagues share that, “she is often able to pull off mini miracles because of the strong relationships she has forged across the university. Linda not only fulfills her job duties with a standard of excellence unmatched, but also continuously exceeds what is expected of her to ensure the continued success of the WSU Youth & Families Unit.” another team member commented, “Linda has eased the burden on all of us during a very hard year. She regularly goes above and beyond what should be expected of her, providing the foundational support to the Youth and Families Unit.  If someone has a question regarding personnel, Workday, or any administrative function, Linda is the first person they think of who is both knowledgeable and helpful. She gets to every request as quickly as possible, and in super-human fashion. I do not know how she accomplishes all that she does.”  Linked Nomination Letters

Contribution Award Winner: Eric RogersEric Rogers (Pullman)

It has been shared that Eric cares deeply about his staff and the people that he serves at the University. He values people and prioritizes effective working relationships through his efforts to understand others. One team member noted, “Faculty and staff rely on a wide variety of goods, equipment and services to fulfill WSU’s instruction, research and service mission. Hundreds of millions are spent each year on these critical items. Yet at times, it can be incredibly complex to acquire needed goods and services while ensuring that the department and WSU meet federal, state and local regulations. Creative and positive thinkers like Eric are required.” another team member expanded on this idea, “A major challenge brought on by the current Covid-19 pandemic illustrates Eric’s incredible value to WSU and to CDC. As the pandemic unfolded, the supply chains for personal protective equipment (PPE) became constrained and, increasingly, nationalized. The U.S. government placed a prohibition on shipment of PPE out of the country, a blanket prohibition that jeopardized the health of CDC and WSU personnel working in Kenya. Many individuals would have accepted the regulation as the end of the effort. However, Eric did not—he worked assiduously to not only identify availability but also to “unlock” the restriction on its procurement for subsequent international shipment. In the end, he succeeded, protecting WSU and CDC personnel and allowing them to safely begin to address the rapidly spreading pandemic. His impact does not end there—when CDC needed to deploy new funding to address the pandemic in east Africa, they insisted WSU accept funding, without application, as they were confident that WSU, based on their experience with the PPE challenge, could deliver. Internally, we know that it was Eric Rogers who made it happen. Linked Nomination Letters 

Contribution Award Winner: Nicole WithamNicole Witham (Extension)

Nicole leans in and contributes to work outside of her program areas because of her unique and powerful skill set. Nicole’s innovative mindset helped to revamp a nearly two decades old program during the global pandemic. “Nicole lead’s the Farm Walks Series for the WSU Food Systems Program and had started planning for the 2020 program year when COVID hit. She quickly transitioned the Farm Walks program from an in-person event to a podcast series. She worked tirelessly all summer to learn how to use new technology, booking guests, building a new website, and learning how to be a podcast host. This new Farm Walks model was launched in early 2021, with six podcasts now available for download. Like with our other programs throughout COVID, we have seen access to our programs increase because of the virtual format– and Nicole’s Farm Walks are a big hit. We will continue this model beyond COVID, mixing podcasts with live events because of the success that Nicole has had with this format.” In another remote pivot due to the pandemic, Nicole’s diligence and foundational development in facilitating an opportunity to build a virtual online cohort of new farmers and ranchers  in Washington has resulted in an improved Food System Program model that will continue to be developed for years to come thanks to her hard work. Nicole’s supervisor noted that, “without Nicole’s support, we would not have advanced as much as we have in the past three years.” Nomination Letter

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