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2024 Administrative Professional Contribution Award Winners

Thank you to everyone who took time to recognize the work of our campus partners system-wide. The six award winners below were identified by their administrative professional work colleagues and the APAC Professional Development & Events Committee based on criteria outlined by the APAC contribution award nomination form.

Review Past AP Contribution Award Winners from 2011 – 2023

Photo of 2024 AP contribution award winner Kimberly CufleyKimberly Cufley (Spokane)

The nominations received in support of Kimberly Cufley highlight strong Cougar pride and commitment to WSU through the years. One of the letters of support emphasized Kimberly “KC” Cufley as,

“an exceptionally effective colleague at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine…I can think of no one more deserving of an employee contribution award. She handles a heavy and chaotic workload with grace and humor and is a superb diplomat for the department with other university staff, faculty, research assistants, and external stakeholders. She takes genuine pride in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health and its members.”~Jae Kennedy, Professor of Community and Behavioral Health Linked Nomination Letters

2024 AP Contribution Award Winner Mica DeMarcoMica DeMarco (Pullman)

“Mica often strikes me as someone who goes above and beyond in her role. As a Director of Recruitment, she could easily pass off recruiting responsibilities to her direct reports, however, she is so invested in the university community and recruiting for WSU that she will often meet with students or parents at their request. I admire her commitment and passion to WSU and in helping students find what they are looking for within our campus community.” ~ Holly M. Prouty, Communications Manager, CRM Communication & Strategy

Mica was highly recommended by various members of admissions and enrollment, recruitment, and communications for her leadership, innovation, and dedicated care for the success and legacy of Washington State University.  Linked Nomination Letter

2024 AP Contribution Award Winner Jenny GlassJenny Glass (Puyallup Extension)

“Jenny works and teaches around the Advanced Master Gardener Program, collaborating with the University of Idaho Extension’s Idaho Master Gardener Program. Her teaching includes scientific and practical information, and often a touch of humor! Jenny always goes above and beyond to bring her insightful knowledge to a new level and to share with as many as possible! With 39 locations throughout the state, WSU Extension is the front door to the University, reaching thousands of individuals and families each year. Having Jenny working within those doors is a great asset to all!” ~Sue Gilchrist, Assistant to the VP & CIO, of Information Technology Services

The letter of support for Jenny Glass provides demonstrated examples of dedication towards fairness and inclusion and we are grateful for her impact. Linked Nomination Letter

2024 AP Contribution Award winner Merri LecoqMerri Lecoq (Pullman)

“While food security is her
focus, Merri cares about the whole person, and understands that while food may be one of the
basic needs, it is only a part of the picture for students at WSU…. Merri helps to create a culture at WSU that fosters physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. She works collaboratively with partners at WSU to bring attention and solutions to food insecurity.” ~Ben Calabretta, Director, Center for Civic Engagement

Merri has been described as a team player who always rises to the occasion through her detailed logistics, planning, and communication. Linked Nomination Letters

2024 AP Contribution Award Winner Michelle MartinezMichelle Martinez (Pullman)

Michelle was nominated by a wide range administrators and faculty from across the university. Her impact has been far reaching, and she has been praised for her professionalism, problem solving and outstanding commitment, and efforts in engaging others with dignity and respect.

“She is not deterred by situations that require delicate negotiation. Michelle handles these circumstances in a way that earns the trust of all involved using expert communication skills and empathy. These skills, in addition to her ability to step back and assess a situation to navigate resolutions when it may seem and impossibility, may be her most valued strengths.” ~Kathryn Dahmen, Assistant Director, Veterinary Clinical Sciences / Veterinary Teaching Hospital Linked Nomination Letters

2024 AP contribution award winner John RarigJohn Rarig (Pullman)

John has been recognized for his empathetic approach towards his work in providing the highest quality advising despite what can be challenging environments.

My office is several doors down from John, and almost every time I pass his office he has a
student in his office, and although I am aware of difficult situations John has an even keeled demeanor
that students trust. These conclusions are not isolated to my experience as I have continued to hear
numerous accounts of John’s outstanding work from other students and professors in our department.” ~Dr. Karl Olsen, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Linked Nomination Letter

2024 Contribution Award Honorable Mentions

The APAC Contribution Award Review Committee received an outstanding selection of deserving APAC Contribution Award Winner recipients. Please see the list of our honorable mentions below:

Andrea Butcherite Nomination (PDF)
Diane Laya Nomination (PDF)
Jennifer Anderson (PDF)
Jenny Chambers-Taube (PDF)



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Jon Haarlow Nomination (PDF)
Jordan CLinger Nomination (PDF)
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Lisa Wolfson Nomination (PDF)
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