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Administrative Professional Advisory Council (APAC)

2024 APAC Election Application Deadline Extended

The Administrative Professional Advisory Council (APAC)  represents all campuses to the WSU administration; all APAC members (see Article VIII in the APAC Guidelines for eligibility) are encouraged to run for officer positions and all administrative professional employees (see Article V) are encouraged to run for APAC membership.

Election Timetable & Procedural Steps Timeline Identified 2024 Dates
Dates and procedures announced; nomination forms open After the February meeting February 12
Formal nominations due to on the APAC webpage announcement 1,2 5 PM second Friday in March March 15
Application / Nomination Extension Deadline 5 PM first Wednesday in April April 3
Application extension distribution to the APAC Council for review 5PM on the first Friday in April April 5
Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer (Officers) and general member candidates announced April meeting April 11
Special nomination cycle held if no officer candidates nominated/applied (as applicable) Monday after March meeting March 19
Candidate information sent to members Last week of March March 25
Executive Session Officer presentations / Q&A (5 min per candidate) / Vote Special Voting Session April 11
Special Executive Application / Nomination Session Special Executive Officer Election April 17 – May 8
New members announced & invited to attend the APAC meeting following written notification of appointment. Prior to May meeting May 2
New members attend first APAC meeting. The special executive officer candidates will be announced and the voting session will proceed after the May 9th monthly meeting. May meeting May 9

The 2024 APAC Election Application closed on April 3, 2024 at 5:00pm. Please contact should you have any concerns or questions.

      APAC Application & Requirements

  1. All Alternate and Council Member applications must be WSU Administrative Professionals. Completion of the APAC online application form is required.

    • APAC Alternate Membership positions can serve for an unlimited 1-year term.
    • APAC Council Membership positions can serve for two consecutive 3-year terms.
  2. APAC recommends that applicants connect with their supervisor prior to submitting an application form.
  3. Applications will be submitted in writing to the APAC Office during the open 30-day period.
  4. Nominations are also accepted.
  5. Any member nominated has the right to decline the nomination. The APAC respects the decision of a member who declines a nomination. All nominees are contacted for an opportunity to decline before the packets are sent to the APAC voting Council Members.
  6. Current Council Members will need to be in good standing in accordance with Article V of the APAC Guidelines.
    • Council members should plan to dedicate 2 hours or more per month depending on role and committee(s)
  7. All APAC Officer candidates shall include a letter detailing how they are qualified for the position with their nomination packet per the advertised requirements.

Note: Forms are reviewed by APAC members for election purposes. If you have any questions about election processes, please contact the APAC Office, and a team member will connect with you soon.
PO Box 641038
Pullman, WA 99164-1038