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Groups Need Your Help Nominating excellent Students!

LeaderShape Catalyst Feb. 24

Help students explore their leadership potential, identify how to contribute to groups and causes they care about, and how to be a catalyst for themselves and the communities around them. Faculty and staff can nominate students to attend LeaderShape Catalyst until Monday, Nov. 20.

Hosted by the nationally recognized nonprofit LeaderShape®, this one-day program is valued by major corporations and other institutions as a catalyst for leadership engagement.

The event will be held Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018, and is open to WSU juniors and seniors only.

Learn more at:


Emerging Leaders Spring Applications Open

Spring applications are now open for Emerging Leaders, WSU Student Involvement’s first-year student leadership certificate program. Designed for highly motivated first-year students, participants will develop skills to be future leaders at and beyond WSU. Spring applications are open until Sunday, Jan. 14. Students can register at

Based on the Social Change Model, this program allows participants to gain a better understanding of their individual values and the impact they have on their leadership style.

Getting stuck on the road to success

By Rueben Mayes

“One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.”  Albert Schweitzer

Have you ever been stuck on a problem and thought, is there a solution, will I ever find a pathway that gets me back on track and successful? You would think with all the information at our finger tips the light at the end of the tunnel would reveal itself easily. I will never forget a critical time in my first NFL training camp with the New Orleans Saints when I was stuck and ready to throw in the towel. My left Achilles tendon was sore and I was battling fatigue in the Hammond, Louisiana training camp. My dream of playing professional football was fading before my eyes because my injury became the center of my adversity and I did not see a way out. I called my then girlfriend and now wife Marie (married 29 years) and told her to buy two round-trip tickets to Jamaica for I was done. She encouraged me to call my agent. I got good advice from my agent, “go to sleep and talk to the coach in the morning”. New Orleans Saints Head Football Coach Jim Mora said everything would be fine, just take a few weeks to rest the Achilles. That year I would earn NFL Rookie of the Year and be selected to play in my first NFL Pro Bowl.

There are always pathways or solutions to help us move through times when we are stuck. Whether it’s new information, involvement of a team member or consultant, or just a good night sleep to get a fresh perspective, we need to be flexible and open to all the options before us. Every day the work we do offers the opportunity to grow if we are willing to seek all the resources around us. No problem is too small or large that can’t be solved in our desire to succeed.

Nov. 28 – Five Keys to Success in Leadership, Work and Life

The Administrative Professional Advisory Council (APAC) and the Office of the President are pleased to sponsor:

Five Keys to Success in Leadership, Work and Life
by Reuben Mayes, Chief Development Officer Pullman Regional Hospital

To attend this free seminar, please  register in Skillsoft by November 20.   To attend, please register here

Open to all staff and faculty

Tuesday, November 28, 2017    9:30–11:15 a.m.      CUB Jr. Ballroom

8:45: Check In
9:30: Welcome and Introductions
9:40: Rueben Mayes Address
10:25: Table Group Discussions
10:45: Open Forum Discussion
11:15: Adjournment

AMS sites scheduled Everett, Puyallup, Spokane, Tri‑Cities, and Vancouver, Yakima. Additional sites can be added upon request.

WSU Spokane(SAC 401A )
WSU Vancouver(VECS 309 )
WSU Tri-Cities(East 224 )
Puyallup REC (Puyallup)
University Centers -North Puget Sound WSU (Everett)
WSU Yakima

This seminar will be recorded for later viewing.

Making a Difference for Students

Faith Price is the Assistant Director of Native American Programs and oversees the recruitment and retention of Native American students at WSU Pullman. There are approximately 550 Native undergraduate students on campus. The Native American Programs office conducts outreach to tribal communities in the region, representing WSU at college fairs and community events. In addition, the office brings Native high school students to campus for campus visits and conferences.

Price directs the Native American student ambassador program, which is funded by a grant from the Nez Perce Tribe. The Native student ambassadors are current undergraduate students who provide campus tours, attend community events, and can speak to prospective students about the Native student experience at WSU.

The staff of Native American Programs also works with prospective students throughout the admissions and financial aid process. Once they are a student on campus, the Native American Student Center (NASC) offers cultural and educational programming designed to create a community for Native students, and increase their academic success. Native students need to have a home away from home in the NASC, something Price says is critical to the retention of Native students at any institution.

“Native students need a place on campus that feels like home, where they can be around other students and staff that understand where they are coming from. If I hadn’t had this as an undergrad, I would have left college, as culture shock was at times overwhelming.”

Price is of Wampanoag descent, and grew up on the Flathead Indian Reservation. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Montana.  She is currently in the Prevention Science doctoral program at WSU, in addition to her full-time duties with Native American Programs.

Native Youth Exploring Higher Education Camp, 2017

WSU Class of 2017, Stoles hand crafted by Faith Price

Registered Student Organization advisor volunteers wanted

With more than 350 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus, Washington State University relies on many faculty, staff, and graduate students to advise these groups. Influence students outside the classroom and office by becoming a student organization advisor. All faculty, staff, and graduate students with an assistantship are eligible to become RSO advisors.

Advisors help guide organizational goals and improve the leadership skills of student members. Additional advisor responsibilities include providing ideas for activities, events and fundraisers, guiding students through university procedures, and giving input for organizational growth and development.

To volunteer, fill out the form at

October 23, 2017

From the Chair

Dear Colleagues,

In order to better service the university in our advisory capacity, APAC is canceling our monthly meeting in November so that members can attend the ERP vendor demonstrations. The Executive Council encourages Councilmembers to attend as many of the demonstrations from both vendors as possible in order to provide input to the RFP Evaluation Committee on which product would best suit the needs of WSU through participation in post-demonstration surveys. Those responding to the survey should attend the same sessions from both vendors wherever possible. Demonstrations will take place November 6-9 and November 13-16. The final demonstration schedule will be sent out as soon as it is available by WSU Announcements and will be on the WSU Modernization website.

Brigitta Jozefowski

Professional Development Seminar

APAC is pleased to sponsor Rueben Mayes, Chief Development Officer for Pullman Regional Hospital to speak to all WSU Staff and Faculty on “Five Keys to Success in Leadership, Work, and Life”.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 9:30-11:15 in the CUB Junior Ballroom.

AMS Sites Scheduled: Everett, Puyallup, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver.

Please register for this free event on Skillsoft:

WSU Staff Scholarship

The WSU Staff Academic Scholarship supports WSU employees (civil service and AP) or their children with scholarship dollars. The scholarship provides $1000/yr in scholarship support. If you would like to support this scholarship or read more information about this scholarship please read the gift use agreement. The scholarship will be awarded through the Student Financial Services.

Professional Development Mini-Grants

Professional development is highly valued by Washington State University and is supported by the President’s and Provosts’ offices. AP Mini Grant Fund is used to provide matching funds in conjunction with AP’s unit/department. Deadline for fall applications is October 31stRead more >>>

AP Spotlight

Faith Price, Assistant Director of Native American Programs, is making a difference for students. Price directs the Native American student ambassador program who are current undergraduate students that provide campus tours, attend community events, and speak to prospective students about the Native student experience at WSU. Price is of Wampanoag descent, and grew up on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Along with her full-time duties with Native American Programs, Price in currently in the Prevention Science doctoral program at WSU. Read more >>>

The Management Tip of the Day

The Management Top of the Day is brought to you by the Harvard Business Review.

Daydreaming (With a Purpose) Can Recharge Your Mind – Resisting distractions seems like an intuitive way to be more productive, yet research shows that excessive focus exhausts your brain. Read more >>>

Get Your Flu Shot

Flu season is nearly upon us. WSU employees are encouraged to get their flu vaccinations. Read more >>>

Monthly APAC Meetings

The AP council encourages other AP employees to attend the monthly meetings either in person or by video conference at other campus locations. Our next meeting will be held on December 14th from 9:00-10:30am in Lighty 405.

Regular APAC meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month from 9:00-10:30 a.m. Meetings are broadcast via AMS. Can’t attend the meeting in person? Call in on the phone bridge at 509-335-9445, meeting ID is 02722. All meetings will be held in Lighty 405.  Read More >>>



What is APAC?

The Administrative Professional Advisory Council (APAC) provides institutional level advocacy in support of administrative professional personnel (AP) at WSU, communicates important information to APs, and provides opportunities for professional development and recognition for AP employees.

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