The Administrative Professional Advisory Council will meet Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 9:00am via Zoom.

Join the APAC Zoom Meeting

As an alternative, you may participate in the APAC Meeting via the YouTube Live Stream once the the APAC Zoom link reaches participant capacity.


  1. 9:00am – Call to order
    1.  Council Member Attendance: Anna McLeod, Stephanie Rink, Jenny Glass, Brandon Fris, Kathryn Jackson, Karen Fischer, Spencer Desmarais, Joanne Greene, Sue Gilchrist, Tom Sanford, Karla Ealy-Marroquin, Margaret Singbeil. Twelve (12) council and alternate members were present with seven (9) members absent, and nineteen (20) non-voting members present.
  1. Welcome & Introduction of the APAC Council
  2. APAC Chair’s Report from Anna McLeod
    1. Call for nominations to the Women of Distinction Awards. Due date is March 18th at 5:00pm and the application is linked here for convenience.
  3. Committee Updates (1-2 highlights)
    1. Budget Report
    2. Diversity Equity & Inclusion Report
    3. Election & Bylaw Report
      1. Applications are open for council, alternate, and officer positions (review the application & guidelines here)
      2. Request a calendar invite learn more about the APAC application process and expectations (meeting scheduled for March 24th @9:00am).
      3. Proposal to extend the open application period beyond the 30 days outlined in the APAC Guidelines. Request for the application to remain open from March 1st – April 29th 2022.
        1. Approved; 14 total voting members 8 approved; 0 reject.
    4. Events Committee Report
      1. AP Contribution Award Overview – Nominate an AP and Review Guidelines
    5. Marketing & Communications Report
      1. APAC met with Vicki McCracken, Associate Dean and Director of Extension to discuss improved communication plans with WSU Extension.
      2. Continued outreach through marketing channels
    6. Professional Development Report
    7. Strategic Planning Committee Report
  4. Constituent Concerns
  5. Meeting Adjourned: 9:22 (APAC will do it’s best to complete monthly business within an hour to accommodate constituent needs for timely meetings).