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2017 AP Award Winners

Kristina Peterson-Wilson in Pullman 

Kristina Peterson and Provost office staff
Kristina Peterson, middle, Wilson stands with Don Holbrook, Dan Bernardo, Ron Mittelhammer, and Jeannie Holt all who nominated her for her outstanding contributions to the WSU Provost’s Office.  Read nomination here

Becki Meehan in Spokane

Becki Meehan and WSU Spokane staff
Becki Meehan, middle, stands with Jennifer Harris and Jessica Gerdes all who nominated her for her outstanding contributions to WSU Spokane. Read the nomination for Becki.


Congratulations to the honorable mentions for the AP Contribution Award as well:

Lisa Clyde, Sara Ackerson, Denise Echelbarger, Leslie Thompson, Anjie Bertramson, Jason Sampson, Denise Keeton, Jodi Anderson, Mysti Meiers, Kristy Gutierrez, Heather Johnson, Erin McIlraith, Sisouvanhy Keopanpay, Dave Hoyut, Brigitta Jozefowski, Kent Miller, Diane Wick, Deb Cox, Vicky Murray, and Susan Butts.

2016 AP Award Winners

Nikki Hinshaw
Student Activities Advisor
Office of Student Involvement, Student Affairs at WSU Vancouver

Nikki Hinshaw and Nolan Yaws
Nikki Hinshaw stands with Nolan Yaws who nominated her for her outstanding contributions to WSU Vancouver.

Darrel Nelson
Instructional Lab Supervisor
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience, WSU Pullman

Darrel Nelson and co.
Darrel Nelson, second from left, stands with Steve Simasko, Cynthia Faux and Becky Morton who all nominated Darrel for his outstanding contributions to WSU Pullman.

Read the nominations for Nikki and Darrel.

2015 AP Award Winners

Pam Loughlin, WSU Everett and Russ Salvadalena, WSU Pullman

2015 AP award - Russ Salvadalena
Russ Salvadelena receives the 2015 AP Contribution award.

Honorable Mentions for 2015:
Sandra Albers
Frances Benjamin
Lori Bruce
Turea Erwin
Doug Juneau
Rose Kenedy
Esther Pratt
Debbie Stellyes
Michael Whaley

2014 AP Award Winners

Susan K. Wright from WSU Spokane and Nancy Shrope from WSU Pullman

Professor Mike Gibson (L), Susan K. Wright (C), Assoc. Professor Brenda Bray (R)
Professor Mike Gibson (L), Susan K. Wright (C), Assoc. Professor Brenda Bray (R)

From the nomination for Susan Wright: “Susan K. Wright, as the Assessment Analyst in the College of Pharmacy’s Assessment Office, has provided exceptional contributions to the assessment and evaluation initiatives of the College of Pharmacy (COP). What is truly exceptional about Sue is the quality and quantity of work she contributes as well as her willingness to assist all units of the College to develop sound assessment methodologies and data collection tools.”

Sammy Rodriguez Flecha (L), Nancy Shrope (C), Pam Kelley (R)
Sammy Rodriguez Flecha (L), Nancy Shrope (C), Pam Kelley (R)

From the nomination for Nancy Shrope: “Nancy Shrope has distinguished herself both professionally and personally throughout her tenure as an exemplary Administrative Professional at Washington State University. Nancy has spent the majority of her WSU career (30 years) in the Office of Grant and Research Development (OGRD) and because of her skill and professionalism rose to the rank of Assistant Director in 2002. But Nancy is so much more than just a WSU employee. Nancy is a leader and a mentor committed to creating and sustaining a diverse community at WSU.”

Honorable Mentions for 2014

Melissa Bean
Jamie Callison
Saleh Elgiadi
Sharon Ericsson
Therese Harris
John Haugen
Gayle Landeen
Sandra Lane
Russel Matheson
Melissa Morgan
Eva Navarijo
Cheryl Rajcich
Jennifer Steffen
Kim Steinmetz
Kelly Sylvester
Terresa Watson
Cindy Williams

2013 AP Award Winners

Teresa Phimster from WSU Vancovuer & Chris Boyan from WSU Pullman

Mary Stender and Teresa Phimster
Mary Stender (left) nominated Teresa Phimster (right) for the award
Chris Boyan (left) receving his award, presented by Bridgette Brady
Chris Boyan (left) receving his award, presented by Bridgette Brady

Honorable Mentions for 2013

Kimberly Anderson
Dennis Denman
Devon Grant
Dean Guenther
Kathleen Hagen
Mike Kluzik
Sarah Kohler
Cassie Leonard
Veronica Mendez-Liaina
Christina Parrish
Barbara Smith
Cynthia Williams
Linda Wilson

2012 AP Award Winners

Jeanne Burritt from WSU-Mt Vernon Research Center and Sue Zumwalt from WSU Pullman

Jeanne Burritt with Mt Vernon staff and faculty
Jeanne Burritt with her colleagues and nominators at WSU Mount Vernon
Sue Zumwalt
Sue Zumwalt receiving the 2012 AP Contribution Award

Honorable Mentions for 2012:

Cathleen Fabich
Dean Guenther
Fran Hermanson
Melynda Huskey
Kate Kamerrer
Lisa Laughter
Erin McIlraith
Lisa Orfe
Becky Priebe
Ruth Ryan
Denise Waiting

2011 AP Contribution Award
Kari Fass

Kari Fass receives 2011 ap award
(Left to right) Eleanor Finger, Edwin Hamada (& picture of Coree Newman), Kari Fass, Edward Sala

2010 AP Contribution Award
Stacy Mohondro

2009 AP Contribution Awards
Ching-Guo Wu and Mary Stender

2008 AP Contribution Awards
Sandra (Sandi) Brabb and Joanne Greene