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How to Discover Calm and Abundance Through the Radical Power of Rest

Do you struggle to get the rest that you need? Or do you wake up from a night of sleep and still feel tired? In this enlightening webinar, rest expert and author of Rest Easy: Discover Calm and Abundance through the Radical Power of Rest, Ximena Vengoechea, guides audiences through proven methods for relaxation and […]

How to Bring Who You Are and What You Do Into Alignment

From an early age, we've been conditioned to believe that one day we’ll reach a moment of “arrival.” But no matter how much we achieve or acquire, we still don’t feel as satisfied or fulfilled as we thought. In this motivating webinar, Bestselling author and expert on happiness and work, Suneel Gupta, will weave personal […]

New Year, New View: Setting Goals that Set You Up for Success

A new year is a great time to start fresh, but how can we put goals in place that we can achieve? How many times have you started a new year and said this is the year you will be successful at hitting your goals? Join us in this information webinar as self-proclaimed wellness guru […]

How to Create Your Own Career: Career Mashup–the Career of the Future

Do you feel like your career doesn’t quite fit? Are you longing to bring together your interests, experiences, and passions in a way that reflects your unique value? How do you align what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and what the market needs to help you advance? In this new world of […]

The Power of Conscious Connection: Four Habits to Transform How You Live & Lead

It’s a new year; are you ready for a fresh look at leadership? Join us in this exceptional webinar with Talia Fox, visionary leader and author, as she unveils profound insights from her groundbreaking book, The Power of Conscious Connection. Drawing from her personal journey, Talia provides powerful anecdotes and compelling narratives that underscore the […]

Become the Bravest You: How to Embrace the Embarrassing and Celebrate the Cringe

Do you feel awkward when you walk into a meeting room at work? Do you envy your colleagues who appear smooth and confident? In this enlightening webinar, Henna Pryor, author and award-winning 2x TEDx speaker, will help you become bolder and more confident. You will be able to unlock your true potential! Henna will unveil […]