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Past AP Contribution Award Winners

2019 Winners

2020 AP Contribution Award Winners


Araseli Solorio (Pullman)

Araseli was nominated by her supervisor who says her ability to bring about innovation and infuse others with her easy-going yet determined personality has allowed Araseli to become a doer and a highly consequential professional staff on campus in her short time with the office.  From the onset, Araseli transformed her role and brought about new ways to provide student services. Araseli has consistently demonstrated how capable she is of taking on increasing responsibilities and willingly stepped into a leadership role to ensure the office moved forward while Ray, her supervisor was out of the office and country due to a family emergency.  Then with the disruptions that COVID-19 brought, Areseli recognizing the need to supplement student’s learning and the missed opportunities as a result of the virus, found new opportunities for students to engage in.  She played a crucial role in the planning and executive of high-impact presenting delivered through Zoom.  Outside of her role as project coordinator, she was asked to serve as the campus advisor for the National Honors Society of Leadership and Success and was selected as the Academic Advisor for Kappa Delta Chi Sorority and serves as a mentor to young Latinx women. Letter


Sophia Hutton (Pullman)

Sophia’s efforts have become increasingly critical to ensuing the School of the Environment functions as smoothly as possible given SoE extends across 5 campuses and 2 colleges. Sophia combines very well-honed technical capabilities, amazing people skills, a magnetic personality and an incredible work ethic to form a dynamic package that has played a big part in forming the identity and forging esprit d’corps among the staff and faculty of SOE. This spring semester is a prime example of the enormous load she carries. In addition to her usual duties (which take up all of a normal person’s time), Sophia ran two (successful!) faculty searches, coordinated an accreditation site visit (in Forestry), coordinated and trained new additions to the SoE support staff, coordinated transition to on-line instruction in response to the coronavirus. Sophia has been a constant in an ever-changing atmosphere. Sophia also helped me understand many aspects of our former units such that I could help facilitate changes in culture that would help us become a fully integrated unit. Meanwhile, Sophia always brings sunshine to each of us, with her smile and laugh – even by distance. This community that Sophia builds, nurtures, and mentors extends to faculty and students as well. She has nudged faculty out of their offices and labs and into social interactions. This type of mentorship is critical to moving faculty away from “well, we’ve always done it this way” tendencies that continue old encampments to “how do we build a cohesive unit and work together toward a new common goal”.  Letters:  #1    #2      #3    #4     #5    #6    #7   #8    #9


Erin Carroll (Pullman)

Erin has been serving as Interim Director of Marketing and Communications for the Division of Student Affairs for about the past year since her predecessor left. In her interim leadership role, she has radically transformed both the unit she oversees and the impact her team has on the division and the student experience.   Erin’s exceptional ability to think through a problem, ask incisive questions, and implement solutions has been truly amazing to watch. She has gone above and beyond any job description. Getting to work alongside her has reinforced my belief that she can and will elevate those around her, manage more than even she thought possible, and keep her team motivated through challenging times.  Letters:  #1   #2


Megan Harre (Pullman)

Ms. Harre has continuously gone above and beyond in her work, developing a variety of programs that are focused on directly supporting our students, she has proven to be one of the most productive members of our team, not only managing her regular duties but also rising to the occasion to cover work from multiple vacancies in our department. She has nearly doubled her advising load, because of staff vacancies, has managed a variety of administrative tasks, all while maintaining composure and a professional demeanor. Her ability to manage multiple competing priorities seamlessly has not gone unnoticed, and she has been sought out by several departments to assist by chairing searches for at least 3 positions in the last year.   Megan can solve challenges quickly, putting students’ needs first, while acknowledging the challenges that exist in for the community, and being innovative in her approach, not always relying on old solutions to new problems.  Letter 


Michael Caulfield (Vancouver)

Mike was instrumental in developing and leading summer workshops for faculty members who wished to teach hybrid courses long before the term COVID-19 became part of our daily vocabulary. He also developed and led workshops to enable faculty members to teach via distance learning rather than cancel classes during inclement weather. Because of this groundwork, some of WSU Vancouver’s faculty were already well-prepared for distance learning and pieces were in place to bring others up to speed quickly.

Mike has continued to emphasize “care at the core,” and to put equity and inclusion at the center of his work. Our campus and our system are incredibly fortunate to have him with us in the current situation. He is someone who has risen to the challenge of the times for the greater good of students

He continues to help faculty understand how making improvements to asynchronous course delivery benefits the broadest range of students by taking into account accessibility, privacy and technology access issues. His leadership has focused on helping WSU Vancouver courses meet established learning objectives in effective ways for students and instructors. Letters:  #1    #2    #3


Holly M. Prouty (Everett)

Holly has always been someone that anyone can turn to for assistance, to brainstorm ideas with, or to work through problems. Holly builds positive working relationships with everyone that she encounters. She closely works with the Academic Coordinators on our campus to recruit, admit and confirm an excellent class of students. She is someone that they turn to with questions or out of the ordinary student circumstances knowing that she will have the answer or a creative solution. In her past work experience, Holly advised for Women in Engineering at The Ohio State University. Even though that has nothing to do with her current position Holly jumped on the opportunity to advise our local Society of Women Engineers (SWE) chapter. She has created a positive relationship with the leaders in this organization and has helped them become more productive and increase their reach to students at WSU Everett as well as community members  Lette

Honorable Mentions


Cesar Munguia Letter 

Waylon Safranski Letter

Leslie Thompson Letter

Angie Klimko Letter 

Cathy Lenz Letter

Katie Forsythe Letter

Jessica Perone Letter 

Josie Cohen-Rodriguez Letter

Joy Scourey Letter

Sarah Larson Letter 

Tami Vik  Letter

Susan Lundquist Letter 

Amanda Yager Letter

Sisouvanh Keopanapay Letter

Tim Wood Letter 

Nolan Yaws-Gonzalez  Letter 

Jessica Gerdes Letter

Veronica Puente  Letter 

Phil Boal Letter 


The Administrative Professional Contribution Award changed for 2019.  APAC recognized the following six outstanding WSU administrative professionals 

Lynne Haley, Senior Director, Development and External Relations, College of Veterinary Medicine

The nominator said the following: She does not simply assign duties, she pitches in to help those around her at every level. She has a great team that she leads well, with clear expectations and with a quiet, calm demeanor. Her ability to mentor has increased our unit’s participation across campus and in the community.  She is juggling several growing roles to build a sustainable and expanding pipeline of philanthropy to provide a higher level of excellence for WSU.



Michael Highfill, Director, Student Success Initiatives, Office of Academic Engagement

The nominator said the following: He is keen at identifying gaps in student services and determining steps to address such need. He is passionate about creating sustainable practices that translate into greater student success and satisfaction with the university. He is committed to supporting the integration of efforts across the institution and state and understands the importance of communicating and sharing best practices with others at the university.

Brant Schroeder, IS Manager, Project Management, Enterprise Systems Group

The nominator said the following: He mentored me on what I should do with my unit to change the culture and implement sound project management practices. His eagerness to teach, support and contribute to the university has been influential in moving core project management principles forward at WSU. His professionalism, transparency and organization has led to other units implementing project management based on his example.

Becky Morton, Manager, Integrative Physiology & Neuroscience, Veterinary Biomedical

The nominator said the following: She brought accuracy and efficiency to our graduate program by reworking outdated processes and finding better ways to get relevant information to potential students. Her attitude is that we are all a team and all here to help each other succeed. She is a leader that sets high expectations and manages staff with care and sensitivity, while maintains an atmosphere that is friendly and supportive.


Anna McLeod, Academic Coordinator, Carson College of Business, WSU Everett

The nominator said the following: She has the ability to be innovative at problem-solving and her process of student reinstatement boosted enrollment. She is the glue that binds the students, faculty and staff to Everett. She cares deeply and takes the time to personally develop so that she can add value to each student interaction



Margaret Holt, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, WSU Spokane

The nominator said the following: She has the perfect demeanor for her leadership role. She is approachable and will listen to whoever is in front of her. Her relationship with the chancellors to ensure smooth transitions was evident. Her quiet strength keeping our campus moving forward in a relationship with one another.



AP Contribution Awards honorable mentions

Bill Bonner

Darryl Craig

Terri Druffel

Erin Rice

Nikki Winfree

2018 Winners

The Administrative Professional Contribution Award changed for 2018. For the first time, APAC recognized six outstanding WSU administrative professionals.

Monica Babine, senior associate, WSU Extension Division of Governmental Studies and Services. Babine leads the Program for Digital Initiatives and works with business, government, economic and community development organizations on promotion, research and technical assistance to increase broadband awareness, access and use. One of her nominators stated “Monica’s efforts are an example of the fundamental contribution that staff make to the success of endeavor throughout CAHNRS, Extension and the University.”

“At a time when broadband access and use is critical for everything from our own university’s enterprise operations to the daily activities of people in large and small towns that we serve, it is a privilege to work for an organization that values and supports my work,” said Babine.



Kate Gannon-Cullinan, assistant director, Residence Life. Gannon-Cullinan’s leadership has tremendously benefited the Residence Life team. Not only does she lead and mentor her staff, she developed an influential staff training curriculum and solicited feedback from staff and students to continue providing a world-class experience for students. Gannon-Cullinan also serves on campus committees and oversees numerous department initiatives. She completed her third year as communications director for the Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers. One of her nominators stated “Kate embodies exceptional professionalism and is tirelessly committed to her work.”

“Every day I have the chance to help someone—whether that’s listening, working through a process, or giving a high five—it’s a rewarding feeling,” said Gannon-Cullinan.



Kathleen (Kate) Kamerrer, director of finance, contracts, and administrative services, Facilities Services. In her department, Kamerrer is acknowledged for her “can do” attitude and problem solving. One of her nominators stated “Kate has built a climate of trust that enables my managers to be transparent as they discuss their personnel and budget challenges.

“I’m very honored by this recognition. I love what I do and am so proud of all my WSU connections as an alumna, sports fan and staff person. I am especially proud to be a part of Facilities Services at WSU. The dedicated, hard-working team we have in this department inspire me,” said Kamerrer.



Faith Price, assistant director, Native American Programs. Price assists with strategic planning, program development and implementation, and oversaw the early outreach, recruitment, retention services, communications, and coordination of the newly created Tribal Nation Building Leadership Program. One of her nominators stated “Faith consistently performs above her designated job duties. She possesses both excellent interpersonal skills and technical skills. Her creativity and enthusiasm are evidenced in all aspects of her work, arising from her deep commitment and passion for empowering native students toward attaining their personal goals and positively contributing to their tribal nations and communities. Price is currently working toward her doctoral degree.

“I am grateful to my colleagues and APAC for recognizing the passion I have for my students and my work to ensure WSU embraces native students,” said Price. “Kutâputunumuw (thank you)!”



Mary Stender, academic coordinator, Carson College of Business, WSU Vancouver. Stender ensures her advisees make progress towards graduation. She is also a member of the National Academic Advising Association, an advisor for ROAR and a member of the professional development committee of the Vancouver Advising Council. One of her nominators stated “Mary is a quiet and self-effacing leader. Her contributions have shaped the lives of our students, the enhancement of our programs, and the professional development of her colleagues.

Stender has honed skills in problem-solving and adapting to new technologies, different personalities and ways of doing things. She has also learned to guide students in developing these skills. Stender describes her advising philosophy as “nurturing personal growth, goal setting, and accountability, while challenging students to take opportunity risks as well as to engage with a wide network of resources.




Kathy Stilwell, assistant to the associate dean and director, and administrative manager for the Agriculture and Natural Resource Program Unit, WSU Extension. Stilwell provides administrative support for the associate dean and acting director of Extension and serves as the key administrative point of contact and liaison for other WSU departments and offices. Stillwell’s nominators applaud her can-do attitude, positive nature about policies, honesty, reliability and integrity. She is also recognized for building a culture of trust and respect between leadership and faculty.

One of her nominators stated “Kathy just rocks! Her efforts have allowed my program to flourish as I can spend more time on programming, research and outreach.”

“I want to express special and heartfelt thanks to my colleagues across the state who so graciously nominated me and for their kind words,” said Stilwell “I can’t think of a better organization to work than in Extension—it is very special place, and I appreciate all of the wonderful people I work with every day.”

2017 AP Award Winners

Kristina Peterson-Wilson in Pullman 

Kristina Peterson and Provost office staff
Kristina Peterson, middle, Wilson stands with Don Holbrook, Dan Bernardo, Ron Mittelhammer, and Jeannie Holt all who nominated her for her outstanding contributions to the WSU Provost’s Office.  Read nomination here

Becki Meehan in Spokane

Becki Meehan and WSU Spokane staff
Becki Meehan, middle, stands with Jennifer Harris and Jessica Gerdes all who nominated her for her outstanding contributions to WSU Spokane. Read the nomination for Becki.


Congratulations to the honorable mentions for the AP Contribution Award as well:

Lisa Clyde, Sara Ackerson, Denise Echelbarger, Leslie Thompson, Anjie Bertramson, Jason Sampson, Denise Keeton, Jodi Anderson, Mysti Meiers, Kristy Gutierrez, Heather Johnson, Erin McIlraith, Sisouvanhy Keopanpay, Dave Hoyut, Brigitta Jozefowski, Kent Miller, Diane Wick, Deb Cox, Vicky Murray, and Susan Butts.

2016 AP Award Winners

Nikki Hinshaw
Student Activities Advisor
Office of Student Involvement, Student Affairs at WSU Vancouver

Nikki Hinshaw and Nolan Yaws
Nikki Hinshaw stands with Nolan Yaws who nominated her for her outstanding contributions to WSU Vancouver.

Darrel Nelson
Instructional Lab Supervisor
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience, WSU Pullman

Darrel Nelson and co.
Darrel Nelson, second from left, stands with Steve Simasko, Cynthia Faux and Becky Morton who all nominated Darrel for his outstanding contributions to WSU Pullman.

Read the nominations for Nikki and Darrel.

2015 AP Award Winners

Pam Loughlin, WSU Everett and Russ Salvadalena, WSU Pullman

2015 AP award - Russ Salvadalena
Russ Salvadelena receives the 2015 AP Contribution award.

Honorable Mentions for 2015:
Sandra Albers
Frances Benjamin
Lori Bruce
Turea Erwin
Doug Juneau
Rose Kenedy
Esther Pratt
Debbie Stellyes
Michael Whaley

2014 AP Award Winners

Susan K. Wright from WSU Spokane and Nancy Shrope from WSU Pullman

Professor Mike Gibson (L), Susan K. Wright (C), Assoc. Professor Brenda Bray (R)
Professor Mike Gibson (L), Susan K. Wright (C), Assoc. Professor Brenda Bray (R)

From the nomination for Susan Wright: “Susan K. Wright, as the Assessment Analyst in the College of Pharmacy’s Assessment Office, has provided exceptional contributions to the assessment and evaluation initiatives of the College of Pharmacy (COP). What is truly exceptional about Sue is the quality and quantity of work she contributes as well as her willingness to assist all units of the College to develop sound assessment methodologies and data collection tools.”

Sammy Rodriguez Flecha (L), Nancy Shrope (C), Pam Kelley (R)
Sammy Rodriguez Flecha (L), Nancy Shrope (C), Pam Kelley (R)

From the nomination for Nancy Shrope: “Nancy Shrope has distinguished herself both professionally and personally throughout her tenure as an exemplary Administrative Professional at Washington State University. Nancy has spent the majority of her WSU career (30 years) in the Office of Grant and Research Development (OGRD) and because of her skill and professionalism rose to the rank of Assistant Director in 2002. But Nancy is so much more than just a WSU employee. Nancy is a leader and a mentor committed to creating and sustaining a diverse community at WSU.”

Honorable Mentions for 2014

Melissa Bean
Jamie Callison
Saleh Elgiadi
Sharon Ericsson
Therese Harris
John Haugen
Gayle Landeen
Sandra Lane
Russel Matheson
Melissa Morgan
Eva Navarijo
Cheryl Rajcich
Jennifer Steffen
Kim Steinmetz
Kelly Sylvester
Terresa Watson
Cindy Williams

2013 AP Award Winners

Teresa Phimster from WSU Vancovuer & Chris Boyan from WSU Pullman

Mary Stender and Teresa Phimster
Mary Stender (left) nominated Teresa Phimster (right) for the award
Chris Boyan (left) receving his award, presented by Bridgette Brady
Chris Boyan (left) receving his award, presented by Bridgette Brady

Honorable Mentions for 2013

Kimberly Anderson
Dennis Denman
Devon Grant
Dean Guenther
Kathleen Hagen
Mike Kluzik
Sarah Kohler
Cassie Leonard
Veronica Mendez-Liaina
Christina Parrish
Barbara Smith
Cynthia Williams
Linda Wilson

2012 AP Award Winners

Jeanne Burritt from WSU-Mt Vernon Research Center and Sue Zumwalt from WSU Pullman

Jeanne Burritt with Mt Vernon staff and faculty
Jeanne Burritt with her colleagues and nominators at WSU Mount Vernon
Sue Zumwalt
Sue Zumwalt receiving the 2012 AP Contribution Award

Honorable Mentions for 2012:

Cathleen Fabich
Dean Guenther
Fran Hermanson
Melynda Huskey
Kate Kamerrer
Lisa Laughter
Erin McIlraith
Lisa Orfe
Becky Priebe
Ruth Ryan
Denise Waiting

2011 AP Contribution Award
Kari Fass

Kari Fass receives 2011 ap award
(Left to right) Eleanor Finger, Edwin Hamada (& picture of Coree Newman), Kari Fass, Edward Sala

2010 AP Contribution Award
Stacy Mohondro

2009 AP Contribution Awards
Ching-Guo Wu and Mary Stender

2008 AP Contribution Awards
Sandra (Sandi) Brabb and Joanne Greene