Chair’s Note


Ray Acuna Luna - APAC 2016
Ray Acuña-Luna

I moved to the state of Washington a little over 6 years ago and when I first landed in Pullman, wondered whether I had made the right decision. Coming from Austin, Texas into a town like Pullman really made me question my sanity. “I will only stay for two years” – I assured myself. I realize now that moving to Pullman and becoming part of Washington State University as an Administrative Professional is the single best decision I have ever made. We are agents of change and our passion for what we do is demonstrated with every single action we take. In fact, I recently met a student at a campus event who told me that had it not been for an AP, she would have already packed her bags and gone home when she faced the loss of a family member. She went on to explain that this particular person went above and beyond by connecting her with resources and helping her navigate the emotional trauma she was confronted with. It is examples like this that keep reminding me that despite my initial hesitations when I first arrived in Pullman, I am part of larger picture and that our work matters.

Administrative Professionals at Washington State University constantly transform the student experience on the daily but often they go unrecognized. Although there are various ways by which we could recognize AP’s undying commitment, I want to encourage you to submit nominations through the Human Resources Services’ Crimson Spirit Award. We do it expecting nothing in return but a simple thank you can go a long way!

It has been my privilege to salute you once again! APAC is incredibly proud to be able to represent you!

Vamos Cougs,
Ray Acuña-Luna, Chair

AP Survey

APAC wants to hear from you. APAC provides institutional level advocacy in support of all administrative professional personnel at WSU and provides opportunities for professional development and recognition for AP employees. Please complete our brief survey about APAC and the best way to communicate emerging issues and professional development opportunities to you. We also want to know how you want to tell us about concerns to take to the administration, ideas, and thoughts. The survey will close on November 1. Take the survey.

APs Win Annual WSU Award for Student Advising

Three administrative professional academic advisors: Matthew Jeffries, Doug Juneau and Kasey Schertenleib, have received “Outstanding Achievement in Academic Advising” awards from the local WSU Academic Advising Association (ACADA). Jeffries won the “new advisor” category; Juneau in “primary advising”; and Schertenleib in “administrator”. Read more about them and the awards here.

Nominate Faculty and Staff for Crimson Spirit Award

Crimson Spirit Award

If you have experienced exceptional customer service by a WSU faculty or staff, show them appreciation by nominating them for a Crimson Spirit Award. The monthly Crimson Spirit Award recognizes Washington State University faculty and staff who have provided exemplary service while representing WSU. Details on the award and how to nominate are found here.

Apple Cup Fitness Challenge

The newest SmartHealth activity, is a fun competition between WSU and UW benefit eligible faculty and staff. It is designed to improve your health, wellbeing, and team spirit by setting up a fitness competition between the faculty & staff of Washington State University and University of Washington who are Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) benefit eligible.

What is SmartHealth? SmartHealth is the State of Washington’s voluntary and confidential wellness program. It is an interactive website that helps you take steps to improve your health and well-being, while having fun and connecting with others online. You may be familiar with SmartHealth as the venue through which PEBB-eligible employees are able to earn the Wellness Incentive, the $125 benefit that comes in the form of a reduced medical deductible (for Classic and Value plan participants) or an increased HSA contribution (for CHDP participants).

If you are a PEBB eligible employee you are able to login with SmartHealth and start participating in the new Apple Cup Fitness Challenge!

  • The challenge starts Monday, October 17, and runs through Friday, November 18.
  • Each week, you use the SmartHealth Activity to log and track the number of minutes you are active – any activity counts: walking, running, biking, swimming, yard work, whatever gets your heart rate up!
  • Earn 75 points every week you track at least 30 minutes

Prizes! You can even win prizes by participating in the Challenge. WSU will be awarding two tickets to the SOLD OUT Apple Cup game, UREC passes, and Cougar gear!

For more information check out the Apple Cup Fitness Challenge webpage or contact HRS at or (509) 335-4521.

Chef Earns Industry’s Highest Certification

Jason Butcherite has received executive chef certification from the American Culinary Federation. Chef Butcherite went through a rigorous certification process that required a written exam and a comprehensive cooking evaluation, which included making a traditional three-course meal. Read more about Chef Jason and the certification here.

WSU Chef Jason Butcherite
WSU Chef Jason Butcherite

Cougar Employee Wellness Program

Cougar Employee Wellness Program (CEWP) was created to support ALL non-student staff and faculty in being active, being fit, and being well. We have certified kinesiology personnel to provide exercise testing and planning. In addition, we provide licensed athletic training services to assist you in sustaining your program. Our role is to provide you with data on your capacity, provide you with an exercise plan, and provide care and treatment for exercise related aches and injuries. Annual membership ($75) includes unlimited athletic training services and six exercise testing/ exercise prescription sessions. Testing sessions may include: body fat composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and range of motion, and performance. For more information visit the CEWP website. To schedule your appointment today please e-mail or call 509-335-9658.

Monthly APAC Meeting with President Schulz

Do you have issues impacting APs that you would like addressed with President Schulz? Please tell us what your comments and concerns. Please note that if you are raising a concern, President Schulz has expressed interest in hearing how you recommend the concern be resolved.

Apply for a Mini-Grant (Deadline: 31 October 2016)

APAC is holding its second grant application cycle. You can apply for up to $250. Get your application and find more information.

Upcoming APAC program

Our next APAC meeting is November 10, 2016, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. The presenter is Monika Jones on Quartzi Software.

Regular APAC meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month from 9:00-10:30 a.m. Meetings are broadcast via AMS. All AP Staff members are invited to attend. Can’t attend the meeting in person? Call in on the phone bridge at 509-335-9445, meeting ID is 02722. All meetings will be held in Lighty 405.