The Administrative Professional Advisory Council will meet in the Lighty Building RM 405 in Pullman on Thursday, November 10th 2022 at 9:00am in person and via Zoom.

Join the APAC Zoom Meeting

As an alternative, you may participate in the APAC Meeting via the YouTube Live Stream once the the APAC Zoom link reaches participant capacity.


  1. 9:00am – Call to order
    1. Council Member Attendance: Angie Senter, Brandon Fris, Spencer Desmarais, Karla Ealy-Marroquin, Sarah English, Jenny Glass, Mike Gotch, Gretchen Hormel, Stephanie Leeper, Kasi Balmforth, Paul Wilmoth, Tony Burt, Tom Sanford, Daniel Saud, Sue Gilchrist, Brady Aldrich, Joanne Greene, Yvette Anguiano. Eighteen (18) Council and Alternate members present, four (4) members absent, and fifty-two (52) non-voting members present.
  2. Welcome & Introduction
  3. APAC ReportChair Angie Senter
  4. Action Items- Votes distributed by email to voting APAC members and collected as of 11/08/22
    1. (2022.11.10_Exhibit A) Recommendation to update Article 3 of the APAC Guidelines, pertaining to the authorized methods of electronic voting (Exhibit A).
      1. Proposal passes; 15 approve; 0 reject
    2. (2022.11.10_Exhibit B) Recommendation to update Article 8 of the of the APAC Guidelines, pertaining to the special election process if there is no Treasurer (Exhibit B).
      1. Proposal passes; 15 approve; 0 reject
    3. (2022.11.10_Exhibit C) Proposal to merge the Professional Development Committee & Events Committee (Exhibit C).
      1. Proposal passes; 15 approve; 0 reject
  5. Committee Updates

    1. Budget Report 
    2. Diversity Equity & Inclusion Report 
    3. Election & Bylaw Report 
    4. Professional Development & Events Committee Report 
    5. Marketing & Communications Report 
  6. Constituent Concerns
  7. November APAC Presentation – WSU Marketing & Communications Update
  8. Meeting Adjourned: