The Administrative Professional Advisory Council will meet in the Lighty 405 Conference Room in Pullman on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 9:00am in person and via Zoom.

Join the APAC Zoom Meeting

As an alternative, you may participate in the APAC Meeting via the YouTube Live Stream once the the APAC Zoom link reaches participant capacity.


  1. 9:00am – Call to order
    1. Attendance: Angie Senter, Brandon Fris, Karla Ealy-Marroquin, Kasi Balmforth, Brady Aldrich, Yvette Anguiano, Tony Burt, Spencer Desmarais, Andrea Dodge, Sarah English, Sue Gilchrist, Jenny Glass, Gretchen Hormel, Lisa Hunter, Kathryn Jackson, Stephanie Leeper, Justin Petersen, Tom Sanford, Paul Wilmoth. Nineteen (19) Council and Alternate members present, six (6) members absent, and seventy (70) non-voting members present. *New special election council members included in the attendance record.
  2. Welcome & Introduction
  3. APAC Report – Chair Angie Senter
  4. Committee Updates

    1. Budget Report 
    2. Diversity Equity & Inclusion Report
      1.  ​Black History Month Memorandum (PDF)
    3. Election & Bylaw Report 
      1. 2023 – 2024 APAC Election Application Now Open
    4. Professional Development & Events Committee Report 
    5. Marketing & Communications Report 
  5. Constituent Concerns
  6. 9:15am – February APAC Presentation – HRS New Policy Updates (PDF)
    1. Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) – Compensation Manager, Melissa DiNoto
      1. Overtime Eligibility Determination
      2. Washington State L&I Salary Threshold
    2. Equal Pay & Opportunities Act – HR Consultant, Teddi Phares
    3. Temporary Hourly & Non-Permanent Appointments – HR Consultant, Heather Burchell
  7. Meeting Adjourned: