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Past Meetings and Programs

By academic year


May 12 – Effect Email Communication in the Workplace by Dr. Kristine Kuhn

April 14 – Emotional Health by Victoria Braun

March 10 – Respectful Communication in a Global Setting, Asif Chaudhry

February 11 – Lauralea Edwards, “Administration as Vanguard: Building an Agile Organization through Change Management”; Cultural Center Update by Manuel Acevedo, Ann Monroe, Health Incentive Program

January 14 – Work/Life Balance by Victoria Braun

December 10 – Stress Management by Brad Stewart

November 12 – WSU Update by Interim President Bernardo

October 8 – 120 Day Review, Co-Provost Erica Austin

September 10 – Transportation Update, John Shaheen


May 14 – College of Medical Science by Ken Roberts, WSU Spokane

April 9 – Establishing Mentors by Alex Tan

March 12 – Employee Assistance Program by Dr. Scott Case

February 12 – WSU IT Update, Provost Bernardo

January 8 – Diversity Update, Jeff Guillory

November 13 – Medical Insurance Updates, Ann Monroe, HRS

October 9 – Institutional Research by Fran Hermanson

September 11 – Choosing Happy by Erin Carroll (Presentation – PDF)

** We are in the process of  transferring prior minutes to the new website.  If any questions or assistance on prior minutes, please contact the APAC office.

Past Programs

Interpersonal Relations & Group Decision Making – Dr. Craig Parks